Sunday, June 21, 2009

Politics from Mahabharat

Time (Samay) says this after Shree Krishna kidnaps Rukmini and her brother does diddly squat to prevent Him..

"When politics is fatally infected by corruption, then it changes nature. Definitions begin to change. Loyalty is no longer to the nation, but towards the King. Whoever is not a yesman, is an opponent. If truth is against the king, then it is no longer the truth. In this environment, the importance of bribes increases, and politics wants to buy everyone within its reach.The meaning of loyalty, friendship and other words like these change.

The same happened in Hastinapur. After Yudhishthir was made crown prince, there was no silence. Shakuni and Duryodhan were burning with vengeance. Dhritharashtra was going through the same feelings too. And he was giving opportunities to Shakuni to continue these fires of vengeance.

Duryodhan opens up the state treasury. It is unfortunate that inspite of Yudhishthir being made crown prince, Duryodhan is given control of the state treasury. And the latter was to use it to diminish Yudhisthir's popularity. He was buying those who could change the people's mind. Loyalties were being bought. Opponents were being bribed. Dhritarashtra too was plotting against Yudhisthira."

No prizes for guessing who is who today.. Although comparing the characters exactly is a bit far-fetched.

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