Thursday, June 24, 2010

Raj Dharma - 2

With us establishing what is Raj Dharma that an ideal leader should follow, there is more work to be done in today's times for a leader rather than just bear the feelings of the sort toward his duty.

True democracy and developing public consensus towards any cause for a leader can be served by a correct thought process and correct method of communication for what he is thinking. To this end, I advise watching the following video from Simon Sinek on how successful people have worked over the years. Should be no different now, since the human organism has at the most remained the same over several millenia and at the least, devolved to a lesser intelligence.

The core essence of what Mr. Simon said, is that there are three shells of thinking and of communicating ideas. From the inside to the outside, these are: Why, How and What. All organizations/people know what they are doing. Some, would know how they are doing it (procedure, etc.) and very few know why they are doing it. Most people would thing from the outside in of the sphere, start thinking with the clearest thing, and then go inwards of the sphere. But the people who are truly inspired, they would think from the inside out and communicate likewise. Simon goes on to prove how different firms and people succeed with this type of thinking, including giving the scientific explanation of the mechanism behind the success for this mode of communication.

Why is this important in this day? Well, ours is no longer a monarchy anymore where a king can keep ideas of Raj Dharma to himself. Of course, an ideal king will never keep great ideas to himself and convey it to his people.

The people of India need to know the features of a great leader, and the communication of his ideas is surely one of the great features that a people must recognize and vote to rule them. Again, I'm not suggesting that a great leader will not on his own appeal to the people's limbic system and woo them to his side. Teflon coating or not, his lustre will shine through. But putting this down on paper serves to make a catalog of things to notice in a leader, just in case people are led astray by glamour and dynasty.

In the next post in this series, my effort would be to suggest what ideas a true Raj Dharami should have.