Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yada yada hi dharmasya?

Today, we come to the 4th chapter of the Bhagvada Gita.

Whenever we Indians (particularly hindus) are in distress, we (at least a few do) invoke these shlokas from the Bhagvada Gita.

यदा यदा ही धर्मस्य
ग्लानिर भवति भरता
अभ्युत्थानं अधर्मस्य
तदात्मानं स्र्जमी अहम्।
"Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion—at that time I descend Myself."

परित्रनाया सधुनम
विनासाया का दुस्क्रितम
सम्भावामी युगे युगे।
"To deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I Myself appear, millennium after millennium."

Now, with this post, I don't want to criticize what has been written in the Gita since long, and don't want to come out as a heretic personality. As has been agreed upon millenia ago, He will come down onto earth once again, and clear up this mess.

But we in India seem to be obsessed with this. Rising corruption, bad roads, ill-maintained railways, internal tensions, vote-bank politics, you name it, we have it. Also having a look at the rabble of states we have around us, sometimes gives me a thought, that why doesn't a concerned power do something about them. (wicked smiles)

My question is, who are we waiting for to clean all of this up? We do not know as yet when 'Kalki' avatar of Shri Vishnu is coming. But from my questions to Gurus, it seems that it will still take centuries if not millennia for him to come. Are we going to sit on our palms for this long a time?

People who consider themselves atheist and agnostic are more at fault than commoners in India. (This I write because I consider that most people in India would associate themselves with one religion or the other, and hence those are what I refer to as commoners). Since they do not believe in God, then why don't they take up the responsibility of reforming the society themselves?

Whenever people have stood up in unison in India, things have taken place. I would like to see that sort of unity occurring in rooting out all evils from India, no matter what the cost.

Again, from the last shloka of the chapter.

तस्माद अज्नना-सम्भुतम
हर्ट-स्थं ज्नानासिनात्मनाह
चित्त्वैनाम सम्सयम योगं
अतिस्थोत्तिस्था भरता।
"Therefore the doubts which have arisen in your heart out of ignorance should be slashed by the weapon of knowledge. Armed with yoga, O Bharata, stand and fight."


sour said...

wonderful piece of experiment......:)

i loved the way you described it...

this blog will surely help many Indians to get in touch with their indian culture....:)

alex paul k said...

ur blog is an education in itself
nice thoughts

viyoma said...

wow! Enchanting....the feel itself is very serene...something different u have chosen to blog...may i add ur URL to my blog?(if u dont mind)

Attila said...

@ sour thanks

Attila said...

@ alex thanks.. u seem to have been hooked on! keep visiting! :)

Attila said...

@ viyoma..

yes sure.. go ahead!

anusha said...

this was my first visit to ur blog.. n i m already in awe.. amazing man.. this is something which i ve alwys felt..bt never bothered abt much.

n yes.. ur blog. is quite educating..will pay more visits!

Attila said...

@ anusha..

Wow u're my first follower!!
Duh.. this blog is just into its third month and I got a co-author and a follower.. let's see how far this one goes..

Well, my first blog hasn't met such luck though.

poonam said...

ignorence is a bliss.. thats what they keep saying..

its not that people need a wake up call, i guess there are many who're doing their tits n bits for upbringing of the society, just the way opposites are doing for bringin it down. it might be less significant in comparison to the bads. and negative attracts.. makes more news.. gets spread fast. take yesterday's example.. another blast in delhi.. and how immune we are.. that we hardly take it as seriously as we should have.. gov would get back to their own lazy schedule in another few days time.. and things would be forgotton.

on the other side.. i would want to mention this as well.. that no bad is as powerful as it sounds. if that so.. they are scared do.. else it wouldnt have been parts of delhi but entire delhi itself.. i think, voice not only needs the volume but the right modulation to hit the right track.

Kumpal said...

@ poonam..

splendid.. few commenters comment on the topic @ hand on my blog, than the idea of the blog..

thanks 4 dropping the wisdom, and the last para of your comment is especially true, perhaps we need a mixture of effort and propaganda to make the right effort successful, just as negatives have an intrinsic propaganda machinery to them,.. in that the sheer terror of it makes it more talked about.

keep visitin!